There we were with our concerts.

This towering gothic building from the XV century, housing Franciscan monks´monastery and a huge church with splendorous ornate interior, in the adjoining building:  a section of the National Museum.

The Church of the Holy Trinity is located only 500 m from The Gdansk Main Town Hall. In the church there is a newly reconstructed great Baroque organ. Many concerts and festivals take place in this majestic shrine, for example: ORGANy PLUS+ Festival. We had a pleasure to offer this concert venue to a symphonic orchestra from Sweden.

Currently, the place considered one of the most valuable late Gothic monuments in Gdańsk. The temple is known for its very characteristic crow-stepped gable elevations.

Landmark of the city, St.Mary´s Church (Kosciol Mariacki) with Baroque porch, mysterious dark interiors illuminated by stained-glass windows, colourful artistic frescoes and the famous, monumental grand high altar - the largest piece of medieval work of this kind, curved in wood by Veit Stoss from Nurnberg. Gothic architecture inside harmonises with wall paintings and statues of the alterpiece. Every hour, on the hour the "hejnal" is played on a trumpet from the higher tower of the church to the four quarters of the world in turn - a musical symbol of the city.

For the first time we organized the concert there in 2013. That was the first edition of "Requiem by Mozart in Cracow" annual project, where foreign choirs perform together accompanied by Polish opera singers, local orchestra and conductor from Musical Academy of Cracow. Very thrilling experience, this magnificent music and the church full up.



Here we were hosted several times. With a cappella concerts we organized for choirs during the International Choral Festival in Warsaw or when running oratorio projects for choirs, like Ein Deutsches Requiem by J. Brahms. 

The shrine is a very spectacular piece of the city´s landmarks and history. It has witnessed, during the Warsaw Uprising heavy fighting between the insurgents and German Nazi. Its original Baroque interiors have survived and adorn the interior, the high altar is is a replica of the original made in 1700.

The urn with Frederic´s Chopin´s heart is placed in second pillar on the left-hand side of the nave. It was brought from Paris, after his death by Chopin´s sister, in accordance with his will.

The Holy Cross Church is situated next to Staszic Palace that houses the headquarters of the Polish cademy of Sciences. In front of the building: the monument to Nicolaus Copernicus, the great Polish astronomer. Designed by Bertel Thorvaldsen, taken away by Germans during WWII for scrap, luckily found after the war and returned to its site.

Thanks to beautiful interiors,nice accoustics, the largest church organ in Warsaw and its fine location The Holy Cross Church is a popular concert venue of the city.

Our invited choirs and we always feel welcome at that magnificent place.


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